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EIGHT things I always have with me - by Christine

Max has shared his travel hacks and now it's time for mine!

1. Collapsible Electric Tea Kettle

My morning ritual is hot water with lemon. However the problem with U.S. hotels is that the only way to make hot water in most hotels is with a coffee makers, which means it will likely taste like coffee. Since we're not in the U.K. or Europe they don't have electric tea kettles in the room. I went in search to find this awesome silicone collapsible kettle in my favorite color pink and it travels in a cute bag.

2. Lemons

We always try to find real lemons but sometimes it's hard to get to the store right away or you can't fly with produce so True Lemon packets will do the job. Plus they are handy to have on the plane if you want some hot water in your tea (since planes never have lemons or lime since Covid). Plus I've also put them in my vodka on a plane as well :)

3. DripDrop Hydration

When you travel you get dehydrated. You can drink as much water on the plane but sometimes you end up not getting enough in and you wake up cranky and with a headache. Time and time again I have found that the best way to feel better in under 30 minutes is to take DripDrop Hydration packets. I've tried so many brands including Pedialyte, Gatorade, Emergen C, etc., but these seem to work the best.

4. Soap & Holder

Yes, you can always get soap at a hotel but you're never quite sure what the soap is made of which is why I always bring along my own bar of Dial Antibacterial soap. It's non-drying and we know that it works on our skin.

I found this soap holder at a famers market, but sadly left it at a hotel so had to replace it with this from Amazon. It does the job! It's such a nice thing to arrive at a hotel and pull out our bar of soap on it's own holder. Feels like we're bringing a little bit of home everywhere we go.

5. Ziploc bags

All sizes are important because you never know which you will need! I'm not even picky if it's actually the Ziploc brand or a cheap grocery store brand. I also don't mind if it's freezer safe, slider seal, seal top reclosable, etc. For me it's about having multiple sizes available such as snack bags, sandwich, sandwich XL, quart size, gallon, and gallon XL. All sizes come in handy for leftovers in a small hotel fridge, for random things you collect and you want to story better in your suitcase, for transporting something, etc. Trust me, you will be glad you have a bag of bags in all different sizes for whatever you find in your travels that you need a ziploc for!

6. Skinny Hangers

I don't have a brand in mind because I honestly can't remember where I got the hangers to begin with. When we lived in NYC we had a tiny closet so that was when I started my love with skinny hangers. Now it's something important that I travel with. I have 15 lightweight hangers with tops already hanging on them, so when we check into a hotel I pull out the clothing and hang them up in the closet. Then when we check out I grab them and fold them in half to put back in my suitcase. I can't promise that they will be wrinkle free so we always travel with a mini steamer but I always buy a lot of clothing that doesn't look terrible with a little wrinkle!

7. Where are my chargers?

This isn't a thing you need to have, because obviously we all need our chargers. This is a mindset! One of the easiest things to leave behind is your charger. If you're like me you're charging your phone, computer, and Fitbit until the last minute because you aren't sure on a travel day if you will have power handy. So make your life easier and make sure that ""personal item"" that you get which should include your computer and all your things has pockets. Every time I leave a hotel I have my phone charger in the left pocket and the computer charger on the right pocket. So there is never question if I have my chargers. It's the last thing I check before I close every hotel door upon check out. Do I have my chargers? You will be so grateful that you have the chargers and the piece of mind in the routine of making sure.

8. Matching Suitcases with four good wheels

Nothing feels better than walking through airport with two matching suitcases that glide well. By the way I hate all of you airports with carpet! This is mindset, but it just feels good to push your suitcases easily and look down and see how they match. You feel put together and like an adult! Our brand of choice is Travel Pro!

We love our hacks so stay tuned for more posts like this to come.

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