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Christine is a producer, Max is an actor, writer, and magician.  We've been married since 2014.

We lived in NYC until August 2020, when we traded our apartment for a life on the road as nomads. We wanted to experience living in other parts of the country and the world. We called it our "Life Tour".

When we tell people we are nomads their first question is usually, "So you have an RV?" 

We don't have an RV, we fly with two suitcases each, stay in hotels, and rent cars when we need to drive.  There isn't a date or place in mind of when we'll settle down. Sometimes we don't know where we'll be next week!  We work remotely from wherever we are and if we need to be someplace for work or life? We go! 

We've learned to love having fewer possessions and don't plan to stop our nomadic life anytime soon.​

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Our Perfect Hotel Room

As a couple who lives in hotels, certain memories immediately stand out when thinking about the ones we liked most (or didn't like). The...

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Actually email Christine, she's the one who responds to all the messages.

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