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Celebrating 10 Years of Love: Our Courthouse Wedding Story-

Happy 10-year courthouse wedding anniversary to us! 🎉✨

We had a beautiful destination wedding in Mexico (05/25/14), but what didn't share at the time was that we legally tied the knot at the NYC courthouse 10 years ago today (05/14/14).  An international wedding can complicate legalities, so we said “I do” locally first.

We bought my bouquet from a street vendor, waited in various lines, and giggled thinking about all the things that the employees must see. Amid the hustle and bustle, it felt like it was just the two of us in the room.

Afterwards we took the ferry across to New Jersey to take pictures with the NYC skyline in the background. Unfortunately it was cloudy, but who cares?  Dancing and laughter was all we needed.

Here are some tips we learned:

Bring a Photographer : We cannot stress this enough! Having a photographer who knows how to capture a courthouse wedding is invaluable. They’ll know to snap pictures of every step, from signing the papers to the first kiss as newlyweds. We are forever grateful to our dear friend Alexis (who also happened to be a very talented NYC based photographer) for being that person for us!

Embrace the Intimacy : A courthouse wedding can be incredibly personal. Focus on each other and enjoy the simplicity and authenticity of the moment.

Dress Your Best : Even though it's a courthouse, dressing up can make the day feel even more special. Wear something that makes you feel amazing!

Celebrate Afterwards : Plan a small celebration to commemorate the moment. It doesn’t have to be extravagant—just something to mark the occasion.


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