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The power of revisiting places that matter to us

As nomads we understand the allure of exploring new destinations and immersing ourselves in the unfamiliar. However, there's also something special about revisiting locations. These places, laden with memories and emotions, have a powerful hold and keep drawing us back time and time again.

Here's a list of some of our favorite nostalgic destinations:

1. Palm Springs, CA.

The first time we visited was in June 2022. We fell so hard that we ended up staying for an entire month. And yes it was summer and 115 degrees but we didn't mind the dry heat. We have since returned 3 more times and don't see stopping anytime soon! For me it's breathtaking scenery and the proximity to the mountains. Christine loves how she could see snow on the mountains while sitting on the balcony in 75 degrees and sunshine in January. Our trick is not coming during their high season of February - April, but besides holidays it's pretty affordable the rest of the year and if you come during the summer - rates are great! We can find one bedroom villas at vacation clubs right on a golf course with the mountains in the distances for as low as $157 a night. You can quickly feel like a local with your favorite restaurants, thrift stores, and bars. And who doesn't want incredible happy hour opportunities for people-watching adds to the nostalgic charm?

2. Boynton Beach, FL

On a smaller scale, there's a charming, residential town located just a bit north of Fort Lauderdale along the Intercoastal waterway. While it may not offer much in terms of a bustling city center or cultural activities, it holds a special place in our hearts because we lived there for several months during the pandemic. It's the perfect spot whether you choose to relax on the beach (which is only 15-20 minute drive) or in a cozy house that overlooks a man made lake. And if you're a golf enthusiast, you'll be amazed by the sheer number of golf courses in the area. There's even a street named GOLF STREET! We still make it a point to visit Boynton Beach at least once a year to enjoy the familiar comforts it offers. They also have high season from January - April but if you can tolerate the sticky humid heat and/or rainy seasons you will also see reasonable pricing the other times of year.

Here's a few more benefits we have discovered:

1. Introspection and Self-Discovery: Each visit allows us to reflect on our growth and evolution, gaining valuable insights into our relationships with ourselves and loved ones. You can also celebrate the significant moments and places that have shaped our lives.

2. Strengthening Bonds and Creating Memories: These locations nurture relationships and intertwine the old and the new, whether it's with a life partner, dear friends, or cherished memories of loved ones.

3. Cathartic Healing and Closure: Returning can be a cathartic journey, especially after loss or challenging times. It provides a profound and personal experience, reliving memories, reflecting on life's journey, finding healing, closure, and strengthening relationships.

4. Familiarity and Novelty: The sights, sounds, and scents of these places instantly transport us back in time. While cherished memories remain, each visit offers fresh perspectives, newfound appreciation, and a deeper connection.

So, the next time you plan your next adventure, take a moment to consider revisiting one of those special places that hold personal meaning for you. And if nothing comes to mind, we'd be more than happy to meet you in Palm Springs, CA or Boynton Beach, FL!


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